Dhanalakshmi Mahal is one of the most predominat marriage hall in Thirukadaiyur. Dhanalakshmi Mahal had been started in 2015 and hundreds of marriage have been celebrated in this mahal.

Thirukadaiyur is famous for Goddess Shri Abirami amman and so for shstiapdapoorthi,(60th marriage) bheemarathasanthi(70th marriage) sadhabishegam,(80th marriage), and ayush homam.

People who celebrate either their 60th marriage(shastiapdapoorthi), or sadhabishegam(80th marriage) or any other homams in temple and regular marriages, receptions, yellow festival, birthday parties, farewell parties can book the hall prior to the required date. For all the homams listed above, arrangements(including priest arrangement) will be made by the management, if intimated prior.(subject to respective charges*)We also provide separate guest house facility for people.The guest house contains 6 rooms and an A/c Cottage.This dhanalakshmi mahal is famous for its aagama cultures and customer satisfaction. Book the marriage hall to celebrate and get showers of Shri amirthakadeshwarar sametha shri abirami amman.



    Thirukkadaiyur is one of the ashta veerata sthalam.It has been positioned 8th place in ashta veerta sthalam. Thirukkadaiyur has its features in the thirupathigam sung by thirughanasampanthar, thirunavukarasar, sundharar.

since the amudhakadam that was bought by the devars and asuras turned into a sivalinga, the place has been named as Thirukadavoor, and so as the god name is Amirthakadeshwarar. When maarkandeyar was worshiping the lord amirthakadeshwarar, yaman threw the rope on maarkandeyar.Since maarkandeyar has been worshipping the lord, the rope also surrounded the lord. Then the lord amirthakadeshwarar got anger and destroyed yaman. As yaman had been destroyed, there were no deaths in the world. The goddess of earth(boomaadevi) requested the lord that she was not able to hold the earth as there were no deaths, but birth rate has been increasing. Then lord amirthakadeshwarar again made yaman to regain his soul. Hence people wish to celebrate aayush homam, shatiyapatha poorthi and sadhabishegam in the presence of Goddess abirami and Lord amirthakadeshwarar and get the blessing of god and goddess.